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Candle Fundraisers

Welcome to fundraising with candle fundraisers. Everyone loves candles so they are very easy to sell. The trick is to find the right candle fundraising company to provider your fundraiser materials. You will find links to all sorts of candle fundraising programs. You may want to start by getting learning to maximize your candle fundraiser. Check out these articles.

Fundraising with Candles…
Learn why candle fundraising is a great alternative for your group!

How to Conduct a Fast, Fun, Profitable Candle Fundraiser
Candle fundraising can be fast, fun and profitable if you do it right.

Our Purpose

We exist for one purpose: to help groups like yours find the best possible fund raiser for your group.

For example, in just the past year alone, one fundraising company on this site has helped schools, sports teams, churches and many other organizations raise over $10 million dollars. Candles are just one of the exclusive fundraising products that they offer.

Let us take care of helping you find the right candle fundaiser! It's simple! Click here and take just a few moments to fill out the form and have someone else do the work of sending you the information that you want. Much of it will arrive nearly instantly via email. Some of the information will be sent via postal mail as well. That's the power of The Fundraising Network.

Some Candle Fundraisers to Consider

40-50% Profit with Celebrating Home Candle Fundraising
Are you looking for an affordably priced, easy to sell fundraising program? Celebrating Home Fundraising (formerly Home Interiors, H&GP;) offers seasonal Soy Candles, Palm Candles, Candle Accessories, and more. 50% profit opportunity, Traditional and Online Fundraising, Free Brochures, Youth Prize Program, Presorting. Visit our website to learn more.
50-60% Outstanding Profit Fundraisers! - No Money Down! - Pre-Sorting!
FREE Delivery, Brochures & Order Forms! - Done Fundraisers in 47 States! - SFI Fundraising has 20 Popular Fundraisers from $6.00-$15.00! - A SMALL GROUP selling our $6.00 Fundraisers can make: (25 members selling 25 items each = $1,875.00 Profit!!!) - A MEDIUM SIZE GROUP: (250 members selling 10 items each = $8,250.00 Profit!!!) - A LARGE GROUP: (500 members selling 10 items each = $18,000.00 Profit!!!)
60% Profit! -- No Up-Front Cost! -- FREE Delivery! -- Have Done Fundraisers in 47 States! -- Please visit:
FREE Catalogs & Order Forms! -- Fundraisers: Gourmet & Healthy Snacks! -- Cookie Dough! -- Pizza! -- Candles! -- Candy! -- Chocolate! -- Nuts! -- Peanuts! -- Trail Mixes! -- Dried Fruit Mixes! -- Popcorn! -- Caramel Popcorn! -- Cookie Dough and Pizza! (3-lb. Tubs & 5-pack of 6" Mini, Personal or Individual Pizzas) -- Schedule a Fundraiser NOW! -- Call All Star1 Fund Raising at 1/800-642-4766!!!
60% Profit! -- No Up-Front Cost! -- FREE Delivery! -- Have Done Fundraisers in 47 States! -- Please visit:
FREE Catalogs & Order Forms! -- Fundraisers: Gourmet & Healthy Snacks! -- Cookie Dough! -- Pizza! -- Candles! -- Candy! -- Chocolate! -- Nuts! -- Peanuts! -- Trail Mixes! -- Dried Fruit Mixes! -- Popcorn! -- Caramel Popcorn! -- Cookie Dough and Pizza! (3-lb. Tubs & 5-pack of 6\
Ahh, these are great smelling candles
Check out our selection of candle fundraisers. Make up to 50% Profit and earn FREE shipping with only 50 Candles. FREE PREPACKING, TOTAL AND TALLY, BROCHURES, SHIPPING, and MORE!
Aromatherapy Candle Fundraiser - Free Sample Kit
Hand-poured candles with the highest quality waxes and fragrances available. The premium quality of these candles is the reason people enjoy buying them over an over. You earn 50% PROFIT! Free Shipping! Free Brochures! To request your free fundraising kit call toll free 1-888-440-4114.
Candle Fundraising
There is no cost to start our candle fundraisers. You will make 50% profit on each and every candle you sell. Take a look at the great candle fundraising products on this page, choose your favorite and get started today
Candle Fundraising Programs
Choose from pillars, highly scented, decorative, cake candles, soy candles, votives and much more. We have several different brochures to choose from. Up to 50% profit and free shipping.Call us for all your fundraising needs 1-800-574-3899.
Finest Fragrance Candle Fundraiser
Excellent selection offering groups many options for their buyers and supporters Make great gifts High Quality up to date items like the reed fragancing diffusers No money up front - perfect for any time of the year The group profit is as follows: 40% profit - 200 or less items sold 45% profit - 201-400 items sold 50% profit - 401 or more items sold
Unique Customized Fundraising Programs
Are you tired of offering the same products for your fundraiser? Are you looking for something different? Star Fundraising offers over 100 fundraising products/programs that can be customized to fit your groups individual fundraising needs. Let us help your group earn thousands of $$$ instead of hundreds as we offer up to 81% profit. Check us out you will be glad you did.

Fundraising with Candles…

Looking for a unique and profitable way to support your group's programs?
Bella Grace Candles and accessories are the perfect compliment to your fund raising efforts. Our fragrant, clean burning candles are an enjoyable, healthy and profitable alternative to high calorie junk foods.

Why are candles such a good alternative?
Candles provide an ambiance that no one else can match with any other product. The ability to soothe someone therapeutically with a genuine candle allows for them to realize what cause they truly bought the product for. You even have the option to provide a logo or custom label on the candle due to the size rather then other everyday retail items. By choosing candles you are taking a great wholesome homemade product to raise money for your support group. This is something that can be burned in an office environment as well as a home where other individuals can see your logo to understand the reason behind your cause. Something as good as a candle is something that will last longer and will provide a more in depth longer lasting impression.

Candles provide as such a good alternative for fundraising because you will not run into a problem of them melting or going bad if they do not sell as quickly as anticipated. The perishability factors of candles are non-existent. By selling candles your customers will not feel obligated to purchase they'll want to; and they'll come back for more!

Benefits to fundraising with candles…
1.) The option to customize every candle with a clear logo or quote for that continual representation of your organization.
2.) Something anyone can burn and enjoy year round. Not something that can only be hung for a season or can be consumed immediately.
3.) A great handmade product that you can easily earn your money with.

Candles allow you to create your own rewards and the possibilities are endles...

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